Richard Taylor


b. 1986, HK.


Film is one of the only artistic mediums that involves real team work; the only tapestry where each stitch is created with a completely different set of skills. I have worked in various different departments, helping me build my overall knowledge and ability to have a significant input into the weaving of each new thread.

I have experience as a director of photography, an editor, a producer and a director. Whether factual or fictional; whether selling a dress, marketing a start up, or shaping a short; they are all about telling a story. A deadline is of upmost importance and I will be able to prioritise tasks to ensure the project gets it’s deserved release in this constantly fast paced world.

I bring the same enthusiasm and energy to every project, and every story that I am privileged enough to part of telling. I am a graduate from Met Film School in Ealing Studios. I have worked on projects, both inside and outside of my education, including directing multiple music videos, and a short film, as well as promotional films for various projects. My editing experience ranges from documentary shorts to a feature film, as well as promotional work for a talent agency. I have experience as a DIT and advanced skills in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition, Lightroom and InDesign.

I am always keen to work on new projects and utilise my all-round knowledge from pre to post production and help tell great stories. I look forward to working closely with new teams of people that can help expand my knowledge and abilities.